Today it is Sunday and we are looking forward to our final concert in Adliswil. From our hotel in Zürich the Marti bus drove us to the church of Adliswil, where our hosts were already expecting us. We were welcomed with a glass of excellent local white wine which we enjoyed in the shade of the trees while the sun was bringing us a beautiful day. We were hosted by two choirs, namely the Jodlerclub Adliswil and the Jodlerklub am Albis. By 3 o'clock the church was full and we started our respective performances. Our program with Swiss songs of different styles, and also including an American song, was extremely well applauded. Our three choir presidents had beautiful words which could even get a little emotional on the fact that Swiss Harmonie some 8000 miles away from Switzerland maintains a beautiful connection to Swiss Folklore. This concert was arranged by our member Verena Temple who was born and raised in Adliswil. After the concert, the two host choirs treated us to a nice dinner in the multipurpose room of the town.


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Sonntag, 11. September 2016 15 Uhr bis ca. 17.30 Uhr    -    Ab 14 Uhr Verpflegungsstände vor der Kirche.


Konzert «Folklore grenzenlos»

Der Sängerklub «Swiss Harmonie» aus Los Angeles USA ist zu Besuch bei dem Jodel-Doppelquartet TV Adliswil und dem Jodlerklub am Albis. Anlässlich dieses Freundschaftstreffens wird in der reformierten Kirche Adliswil ein Kirchenkonzert gegeben, wo alle drei Jodelclubs einzeln und gemeinsam auftreten.

Für viele Zuhörer wird es ein ausgesprochenes Vergnügen sein, die in den USA gepflegte Folklore mit den einheimischen Klängen zu vergleichen. Nehmen Sie diese Gelegenheit wahr und geniessen Sie den Jodelgesang, das Talerschwingen und die Alphornklänge.


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