Picnic at the Baur’s - June 20, 2009
For the very first time, the weather was on the cool side for this event.  Still, people had a good time.  The food seems to be getting more elaborate each year.  Soon, we will call this event not a picnic but a gourmet food tasting !!

Buffet-Web[1]                Desserts Web[1]

                                   The salad and dessert buffets are starting to fill up.  What you can't see is either in the fridge or has not yet arrived!


   Nelly&Walti Web[1]                 Nelly&Rodger Web[1]

 Father and daughter, Walter Fumey and Nelly Wyss playing the Alphorn.  Rodger gets an introduction on how to play the Schwyzerörgeli!

Vreni Jeannette Web[1]                      Jasser Web[1]

 Verena and Jeannette having a good time!         They probably won at the jass table!        Actually, playing cards is serious business

Singing2 Web[1]






Towards the end of the afternoon, some serious singing,

here "Melodie und Polka" with Ernie at the Alphorn







Ursula&Tony Web[1]                         Soup-is Served Web[1]      

Ursula and Tony giving a solo performance.                                            Soup is being served! Some of the die-hards arrived at 11 am and stayed until 9 pm

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