Thun to Oberdiessbach to Kirchberg


                                                                    We are invited for a great lunch to Jeannette's apartment in Gunten at the Thunersee
                                                                                                                Singing after lunch and a few glasses of wine
                                                                                                                  Harmonie enjoying the cruise on the Thunersee
                                                                                                         Performance in the church of Oberdiessbach
                                                                                                                             The Jodelclub of Kirchberg
                                                                                                         The Village Street Band of Münchenbuchsee
                                                                    We are invited for a great lunch to Jeannette's apartment in Gunten at the Thunersee
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From Thun to Oberdiessbach to Kirchberg
During the next night it started to rain and it poured down all morning. Never mind, the "Harmonie" members had an intensive reharsal and the non-singers could finally sleep in. In the afternoon a boat trip on the Thunersee was on the program. Just when we got on the boat, the clouds parted and we saw the mountains, freshly powdered with new snow. A downpour met us when we left the boat in Thun. Finally an occasion to use our umbrellas we had brought from so far! In the evening we gave another Concert in the lovely church of Oberdiessbach.
On Wednesady we drove leisurely through the Emmental, admiring the farmhouses, some of them literally loaded down with flowers on every windowsill, porch and garden. Cows were everywhere, their bells ringing with rhythmic movements while they were grazing. The largest town so far, Kirchberg, was expecting us. We shared the public's attention with the Village Street Band and the Jodelclub Kirchberg.
If by now you are wondering, how we got all those contacts - it's easy! all the choirs and bands that received us so generously had previously been in California, some of them several times. So it was no wonder that each time our bus drove up to an event, lots of people were already waiting. And all of us had obviously inundated friends and family members with the details of our tour, so every concert was also "hugging time"!
Written by Wal Baur