2008 Harmonie Picnic


Saturday, June 21, 2008 saw most Harmonie members at the Baur's residence for the annual picnic.  Guests started arriving around 11am bringing either salads or desserts, which loaded down the kitchen tables.  In the garden, sausages were being grilled while the temperature kept climbing higher and higher to reach 104 degrees!

 2008 06 PicNic Garden






People gathered under the avocado or lemon trees, under the terrace and inside the house. Any shade was good enough.







2008 06 PicNic Pool









Eventhough the pool water was 86 degrees, some find it refreshing.










2008 06 PicNic Dinner






Towards the end of the afternoon, tables were being moved to the patio so that the still remaining 35 guests could sit down to the traditional soup and enjoy the cooler evening breeze. The last leftover desserts diappeared without any problem. After some serious singing, we said good-bye until next year.

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