Swiss Fair-1st of August Celebration-a bit early, Sunday, July 26, 2009



001  Ernie Alphorn 400

 Ernie Kneubuehler played the Alphorn to start the official part of the celebration


002 Consul General 400

Consul General Brigitta Schoch Dettweiler bringing a 1st of August message and

at the same time - did we see a little tear? - saying good bye as she is retiring and

moving back  to Switzerland with her husband Klaus and their dog Trüffel.



In this picture, Harmonie is accompanying Ernie Kneubuehler playing the Alphorn.

The choir sings tunes like musical instruments. It is one of Harmonie's favoured pieces.



For several years, since Ted Muller actually turned 100, the whole audience sang a heartfelt "Happy Birthday"

to him.  This time it was to celebrate his 105th birthday.  Sabrina El-Tawansy is the flower girl.

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